Organic Poultry Feeds

  • Organic Poultry Grower/Finisher

    Ideally feed from 6-8 weeks up until 16 weeks or to finish. Feed on an ad lib basis. For birds that are to be kept as laying hens, introduce Organic Layers Pellets gradually from 16 weeks.

    Available in 5kg & 20kg bags

  • Organic Mixed Corn

    A nutritious mixed corn treat made from organic wheat and maize.

    Available in 5kg and 20kg bags

    For good strong egg shells and optimum nutrition, treats should only be fed in the afternoon, after your chickens have eaten their pellets and no more than an egg cup full (around 20g) for each bird should be given.

  • Organic Layers Pellets

    A farmyard layers feed with vitamins, minerals and omega 3 oils for good sized eggs and natural golden yolks. Feed from 16 weeks on an ad lib basis. Small pellet size – suitable for bantams.

    Available in 5kg & 20kg bags

  • Organic Baby Chick Crumbs

    A Coccidiostat-free starter feed. Ideally feed from hatching through to 6-8 weeks on an ad lib basis. To help a smooth change over to Organic Grower/Finisher Pellets, we recommend mixing the two feeds from 5-6 weeks.

    Available in 5kg bags