About The Organic Feed Company

As a family run business, we aim to provide you with the healthiest organic feeds possible and to us this means Soil Association standards or better and with absolutely no synthetic ingredients such as artificially manufactured vitamins and amino acids. We produce simple, natural animal feed made from only the highest quality organic ingredients.

About Soil Association Approval

Made with 100% Organically Grown Ingredients

The Organic Feed Company provides a range of feeds made from organically grown, agricultural ingredients for a variety of animals. including:
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Whether you are converting your smallholding to organic or would simply prefer tasty, organic eggs from your back garden hens, then The Organic Feed Company has a product for you!

Using only the finest ingredients, The Organic Feed Company produces nutritious feeds and every product carries full Soil Association approval, ensuring quality and traceability throughout. The Organic Feed Company has always exceeded Soil Association standards, being one of the first organic animal feed producers to ensure 100% organic agricultural ingredients are used.

Working alongside the Soil Association and the Vegetarian Society, the full range has been formulated with absolutely no synthetic ingredients, ensuring the use of chemical free products at every stage.

About Organic

What Makes Us Different?

Not all organic feeds are the same... so what makes The Organic Feed Company different?

As a company we work very closely with the Soil Association, the Vegetarian Society, DEFRA and a wide number of food standards agencies including UFAS. We always strive to not just follow guidelines set out by these organisations, but to pioneer new standards by constantly exceeding expectations.

We NEVER use in-conversion ingredients

Did you know that some organic feeds could contain up to 30% of in-conversion ingredients? Land is required to be farmed organically for several years before it can truly be described as organic, however, after the first year, produce from this land can be labelled as 'in-conversion' and included in feeds for organic use. We only ever use ingredients farmed from organic land ensuring there are no chemical residues in our feeds.

We NEVER use non-organic ingredients

Did you know that some organic feeds could contain up to 5% of non-organic ingredients? This 5% could include extremely concentrated protein sources such as Prairie Meal or Potato Protein, both of which are extracted dried by-products from the manufacturing process of starch. The Organic Feed Company only ever uses 100% organic agricultural ingredients so you can rest assured that our feeds are truly organic.

About Non-GM