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Raising chickens the organic way

For many, keeping a few chickens in their back garden is the first step to the quintessential dream of living ‘the good life’. Whether simply wishing to keep a few hens for a supply of eggs for family and friends, or hoping to rear a few chickens for the table, going the extra mile, living…

Why Go Organic?

As organic produce grows in popularity, why are more people are choosing to grow, raise and eat organic? You only need to look down the aisles of any supermarket to see that the demand for organic food has grown considerably over the last few years. What was once limited to a few fruits and vegetables,…

Avian Influenza Update

Further to the Avian Influenza update by DEFRA on March 20th 2017, there are now ‘Higher Risk Areas’ (HRAs) which have been defined to manage the disease.